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Ang Tshering Sherpa during trekking

Ang Tshering Sherpa is the owner as well as a senior manager and principal trek leader of Keep Walking Nepal.

Having become a Sardar (guide) early in his career, Ang Tshering has now been a senior leader in the Nepali trekking industry for over 24 years. He has actively led over 100 treks of varying lengths and difficulty levels throughout Nepal and Tibet for an international trekking company during the past 15 years. His significant knowledge base, leadership, medical and language skills have been sought after by a number of foreign private schools and NGO organizations, resulting in his organizing and leading a variety of specialist treks.

Ang Tshering has also traveled to India, Thailand, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand to expand his knowledge of international matters. A number of local and foreign organizations have acknowledged his specialist skills.

Together with several foreign trekkers, Ang Tshering established the Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal, a free medical center for villagers in the Junbesi Valley. Over the last 10 years, this center has been serviced by a number of foreign medical groups with a variety of specialist practitioners to conduct a series of medical camps. Ang Tshering has professionally arranged and managed these activities without personal gain.

Ang Tshering Sherpa with his family

A philosophy of Keep Walking Nepal is to train and educate local men and women as guides, group leaders, porters and cooks to assist with the organization’s trekking experiences. In addition to the trek related skills that the locals gain through these practices, they are also trained in English and wilderness medicine skills. The idea behind this development is to halt the exodus of some of Nepal’s brightest and youngest by providing them with early employment opportunities and a reason to remain in Nepal.

Ang Tshering Sherpa at Everest base camp

Under Ang Tshering’s leadership, Keep Walking Nepal offers a unique skill set for not only arranging and safely leading boutique travel and trekking experiences within Nepal but also throughout India and Tibet. Be assured that your trek and travel needs will be in excellent hands.