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Newsletter January 2018


Namaste and greetings from the team at Keep Walking Nepal.

I would like to thank those who helped in the rebuild work after the massive earth quake. Your support has been highly appreciated by our community. Most of the rebuild work has been done. Medical Centres have been repaired, schools are being rebuilt and monasteries reconstructed.

We strive to provide a unique and intimate travel experience and I would like to thank all those who have chosen to travel with us and welcome your return as well as encourage anyone who is seeking a wonderful experience to choose a trip with Keep Walking Nepal.

Nepal is blessed with hundreds of kilometers of amazing trails which means we have more than our fair share of great walks. From low altitude valley trails to rugged mountaintops, there is something to offer for everyone. We have managed to pack a huge variety of options in such a small place. Jungle safaris - home to the leopard, tiger and elephants; Bird watching - Nepal has more than 850 bird species, 8% of the world's recorded population; White water rafting, paragliding, mountain bike riding, Helicopter tours, community projects, and other thrill seeking activities; Trail walks and the more extreme treks to places like Everest Base Camp. Nowhere else in the world can you adventure from near sea level to the highest peaks all in one trip. A short plane trip can take you from the snowy peaks of the Himalayas to the jungles on the plains, and YES you are still in Nepal!! Breathtaking was the expression used by the group who recently travelled to Nepal (See story). So, come and share some breathtaking memories with KWN.

I cordially invite you to contact me with respect to the services our family business can readily provide - detailed at I would welcome providing you with a wonderful experience.

Please enjoy and share with family and friends this newsletter and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy happy New Year 2018!

Best Regards
Ang Tshering Sherpa
Family business owner/Manager

Please click here to download the pdf version of Newsletter

Wilderness in Nepal trip to Junbesi School


Keep walking Nepal has organized a trip to Junbesi school opening ceremony in April 2017. The school was badly damaged by earthquake and children were learning in the temporary classes since last 2 years.

Dr Sally Nobbs, Wilderness in Nepal(WIN) Adelaide Australia has supported to rebuild the junbesi school. There were group of 7 members participated from WIN for this school opening ceremony and were heartily welcome by locals, teachers and students. All people were very delighted with their valuable support towards rebuilding school and also appreciated their willingness to help the rural area of Nepal.

We keep walking Nepal, once again, would like to thank WIN and Wilderness school on behalf of Junbesi school, locals and students for their valuable support and also would like to thank all the Keep Walking Nepal crew who made this trip successful.

Newsletter January 2017


I would like to thank all those who helped in the rebuild work after the massive disaster created by the earth quake, last year. I would also like express my appreciation to all those who have trekked with Keep Walking Nepal and helped Nepal to recover in economic disaster. Currently we are rebuilding the collapsed School building and Buddhist monastery. Most of the local houses, “Mani” wall and Medical Centers were rebuilt. The Medical Center is now at the stage of providing regular services.

We hope that we will again get the opportunity to have your hospitality in the future and hope we can have your continuous help and suggestions


Thank you!

Ang Tshering Sherpa 

Family business owner/Manager

Please click here to download the pdf version of Newsletter

Juliette’s Angel:Death Desire Destiny An Epic Adventure in Australia, Nepal & Iceland.

Namaste. We have very good news.

A client of KEEP WALKING NEPALhas written a book. Pratap, our guide,led Juliette Power and her daughter Bonnie up to GOKYO LAKES in the Everest Region. According to Juliette, the trek not only challenged her, it changed her life.

Everyone comes to Everest with a dream.

Trekkers want base camp. Mountaineers want the summit.

Pilgrims seek enlightenment. Others need to find themselves. Not me.

I only came for a walk—or so I thought.

Juliette’s Angel:Death Desire Destiny

An Epic Adventure in Australia, Nepal & Iceland. 

A memoir by Juliette Power available on Amazon (paperback & ebook) mid 2016.

It has been difficult to recover and rebuild since 2015 earthquakes. We are luckyJuliette’s Angel features KEEP WALKING NEPAL. Juliette recounts conversations with Pratap as an earthquake hits.Amidst the devastation Pratap predicts loss of business for coming seasons. Pratap was right. Nepal’s trekking and tourism has suffered badly. Readers are encouraged to experience Nepal and help Community Rebuilding Projects.

Support Nepal by supporting Juliette’s book. Promoting Juliette’s Angelpromotes Nepal’s tourism.

How can you help? Easy.

·         Tell your friends Juliette’s Angel: Death Desire Destiny features Nepal.

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We are one year on from the devastating life changing earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015.

How are we faring you may ask?

How is Nepal recovering?

I will be the first to admit it has been difficult, actually very difficult. Keep Walking Nepal along with many other groups became involved in helping to REBUILDNepal. Things are slowly improving but we have some way to go yet. The support of many people from around the world has helped the Nepali people to recover and to have a life again. Some things will never be the same for many people, but we are determined and courageous and love our country and are working hard to help those who cannot help them-selves. We are very grateful for your support whether it was financial or by trekking with us or sending your prayers over the last 12 months - it was very welcome.

Please Click Here to Download PDF version of News Letter

Community Project in Junbesi with a group of Australians


In March 2016 a group of five Australians lead by Crish Chapman had taken part in a community project in Junbesi assisting with the school reconstruction. During the earthquake, last April (2015), three of the school buildings collapsed, forcing the schools to relocate to temporary located near KPHMN health clinic. Their job was to clear the site of one of the collapsed building so that local engineers could assess the remaining foundations prior to reconstruction. They had shifted many tons of rock and rubble to the school playground, resulting in the creation of a mound of rock which they named as Mt. Junbesi. They also have worked with school children and teachers and also had experience of the Holi Festival.

During off days they had trek to Thuptenchholing Monastry and Phurteng. They stayed at Choti’s lodge where they had party with school teacher and experienced disco Junbesi style.

For details please visit testimonial from Chris Chapman

Global health awareness Western Sydney Programme

Locals offering Khata at Welcome cermoney Locals offering Khata at Welcome cermoney

GHAWS (global health awareness Western Sydney) Trip completed successfully.

The team has arrived KTM on 28th and flew to Phaplu on 29th. This trip has been organized through Keep Walking Nepal. On the first day of program welcome ceremony has been organized by locals school, committee members and locals where group has experience some Nepali culture and offering Khada (scarf) Sherpa tradition way to well come guest by the locals and the committee members of KPHMN and visited the health center. Group has helped a lot with the incinerator with locals carpenter and KPHMN staffs. While working they also learn some Sherpa language. One day health camp has been conducted at the Thuptengcholing monastery where they help a lot with the patients who has mainly problem with orthopedic.

During construction activities During construction activities

The last day of Junbesi conducted attractive health education by doing lots of activities related to health education and this health education was very effective and students has learned so much from them.

During Health camp at Thuptengcholing monastery During Health camp at Thuptengcholing monastery

The farewell dinner has been organized where they had good time with locals, KPHMN committee members and staffs and at the end of the farewell dinner chairman of KPHMN Mr Chungba Lama has presented certificate of appreciation to the GHAWS.

During health education programe During health education programe

After Junbesi they did trek to Lukla and the trek was very enjoyable with full of laugh and happiness.

We thank to GHAWS for continue their visit to KPHMN and there valuable support towards medical center and the community and hope that will continue for the future. KPHMN and Keep Walking Nepal like to thanks to all the locals. Commitee members of KPHMN and Keep Walking Nepal staffs who made their journey so successful.

With certificate of appreciation during farewell dinner With certificate of appreciation during farewell dinner

At last we would like to thank Mr Paul jury who help a lot to organize this trip and to Mr Liam bell president of GHAWS.

Ang Tshering Sherpa,
Advisor, Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal,
Chairman, Keep walking Nepal

During trekDuring trek
During trek During trek

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